Java Carved Door

Ukiran” is a typical type of traditional Javanese room divider/partition.  It is finely carved of the best Teakwood available on Java by the best craftsmen with ancient skills to transform this wood into such fine pieces of art.  Teakwood is used, as this type of wood is very robust, durable and weather resistant and has a very appealing colour to it as well.

To correctly judge the quality of a typical Ukiran room divider, one has to look at the intricacy of the carving, the type of timber used, the complexity of the carving the size and decorations, all these details determine the final quality and beauty of these traditional pieces of art.   With all its uniqueness, a typical Javanese partition has a high artistic value and also has a very high aesthetic value.

Ukiran, in general, is used as a room partition, but is often used as an entrance-door and can also be used as a gate integrated into a fence.

Due to such a high public interest in Javanese partitions lately have led Ukiran to also become highly thought after furniture apart from its original function as a divider.

Sketch for a typical carved door application:

carved door application

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