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About Us

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At ALINT, we only sell the best and most modern furniture and carvings, all made in Indonesia by the best craftsmen available

Many of our products are still hand-made, which is difficult to get these days but it ensures that every item is unique.  Indonesia has always been well known as a top supplier of rattan furniture, only now, due to the scarcity of natural rattan, the industry has changed to synthetic rattan, which is longer lasting and more durable as well as environmentally friendly.   Furthermore the wooden carvings are all hand-made, they are suitable as an extravagant entrance door but can also be used to a room divider, surely a unique aspect. 

Please browse through all our products, surely you will find something interesting in our range, also bear in mind that all prices quoted include freight to your door-step. Enjoy your shopping, we are always pleased to hear from you, either send us your comment or give us your input, simply let us know your opinions, so that we can serve you better in the future. 

At ALINT, we want to be regarded more as a friend than simply as a supplier and we are looking forward to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Why Choose Alint?

Most of our products are only exported via ALINT, which means it is very unlikely that any of our products are found in your neighborhood.  Furthermore all hand-carved items are “one-offs” which means no two items can ever be the same.

All our products are either made in top class factories or are hand-made by the best craftsmen in Indonesia, we at ALINT do quality control on all products before we ship them to our customers.

In order to make it easy for our customers, we have included in the prices quoted free shipping to most countries in the world.  It means our customer can clearly budget their costs, the only extra cost is local import duties and charges, everything else is included.

At ALINT, we offer our customer to choose colors and weaving patterns, as we know your new setting should match your own color selection as closely as possible.

In the event that our customers decide that they need further items to a set, for instance the setting has 4 chairs included but the customer would like to have 6 chairs, then we are happy to quote these items seperately.

ALINT also caters to larger projects, ie. hotels and resorts, we welcome any enquiry in this regard and can produce OEM items as well.